🤔 Everyone wants to stand out in the online world! 📱
💻 We have the pressure of being consistent, of posting everyday - but what are we going to share/talk about? 😬
🎉 ANNOUNCING #WOW20Challenge !!! 🎉
🙌 20 small steps to 1 big transformation 💥
This challenge has been created for the following reasons:
✅ for you to stop hiding and start shining
✅ to consistently make you visible online for 20 days
✅ to give you ideas/prompts on what to post
✅ to give you a safe space to be yourself
✅ to make you accountable and attract your ideal clients/tribe


The February #WOW20Challenge starts on Monday 3rd February and runs till Friday 28th February 2020 - Monday to Friday only (as we all need to rest and replenish on weekends).


A private group has been created where you will receive your daily task for 20 days. You will be added to this group after you decide to make this investment.


You can participate in the #WOW20Challenge for €50.


I am very excited to get you VISIBLE, CONSISTENT and CHALLENGED. It is your time to step up and let the world see the BEST VERSION of you!