I am so excited to share my 1 Hour Canva Training with you! 


I have to be honest - I love Canva - not only is it a FREE app but it’s also creative therapy for me!


This training will really launch you into a new world of eye-catching visuals and help you create attractive social media content


You will learn many tips and tricks of how to make them look good, learn about the latest trends, and also see the behind the scenes of how I use Canva for my life and business.


You will also learn:

  • how to quickly add your Brand Colours to Canva
  • how to add a shape to an image
  • how to bring said shape forward
  • how to add your logo 
  • about Branding and Use of Fonts
  • how to create posts that speak for themselves
  • what’s trending and how to create it
  • how to best download your creations from Canva (suggested formats)
  • what you can do when you have a lot of text to share
  • how to fade the background to make your text stand out 
  • how to use effects or filters to enhance your visuals 
  • how to use the transparency effect to have clearer and more legible posts
  • how to make beautiful short videos 
  • how to add sound to your videos 
  • the main KEY to create the best looking images/short clips
  • quick tips how to film your product for better looking posts/videos 
  • how to better your YouTube Visuals and Thumbnails 
  • Recap of Best Tips on how to use Canva to improve your Social Media presence 


I am sure this training will really guide you through how to use this wonderful free app. 


Feel free to pause the video and try it out for yourself in the meantime! Enjoy it!


Many hugs, 







How many tips I learned in an hour of Canva training! I discovered how with simple changes I can make my posts original and attractive. Thank you very much Angèle for your enthusiasm in teaching and your generosity. Antonella


Angèle, thank you for offering the Canva training. I was a complete novice and your training was practical, engaging and very useful. I've since had a play around and satisfied I know more than the basics and you've inspired me to learn more and be more creative with my content.  Eileen



Canva 1 Hour Training

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